Moving Into Motion with DSLRs workshop with TWEAK Digital

DSLR Video Workshop

There is widespread buzz about digital SLR cameras that shoot HD video. Your clients may even already be requesting you to shoot video clips in addition to stills while on-set. What do you do?

Find out how to successfully capture video and audio, import and edit, export and distribute full HD video in this introductory workshop on moving from stills into motion.

This session will cover:

  • DSLR pros and cons
  • Necessary hardware and software
  • The camera setup
  • Successful audio capture
  • Storage and conversion of footage
  • Importing and editing
  • Output and delivery
  • External resources

Session starts at 6:30pm and will go through 9:00pm with time afterwards for questions, networking and drinks. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

This session has been completed.


“Good help for my situation.”
“Loved Jeremy's energy and knowledge.”
“Make it longer!”
“Great stuff... Jeremy did a nice job and was easy to listen to... knowledgeable and not arrogant.”

Who’s Speaking?

Jeremy WilkerJeremy Wilker (@TWEAK), a Minneapolis-based digital tech and cinematographer, will take you through the technical details and offer up various tips and tricks to get you comfortable with creating motion or give you the comfort you need to begin collaborating with film crews. He's been shooting and editing video (Final Cut Pro) for years and has won several local awards for his documentary and narrative shorts. Jeremy's first feature film, TRIUMPH67, is coming out in 2011.

Sweet Schwag!

We love our supporters! And to make this workshop session even more crazy valuable, we're going to be giving away some great gear to some lucky participants! Flashlight is giving away some of their sweet T-shirts, Shelter is giving away schwag and discounts on camera rentals, West Photo is giving away some gift cards, ThinkTank Photo is giving away one of their pro photo bags (if you are the lucky winner, you'll come out WAY ahead on this deal) and Adobe is giving one lucky winner a copy of the new Lightroom 3 (with video support) when it ships! Wowzers.

Thanks also goes to ASMP, MN-WIFT, 4i Production, Donn Fuller, Dan Tanz, Jack Boniface, Emily Kosokar, and Craig VanDerSchaegen!